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I ust recently started using the ensim Power Tools for my hosting servers, which includes osCommerce installs.


SO, time to learn about the product, so I can support it, right?


Well, actually, I was familiar with it before and was pleased that Ensim included it in the package. So here's the thing:


While working with a client, I helped them import their old data into osCommerce. nearly 10,000 items in 800 categories!


Once I turned of 'display category counts', everything was wonderful, fast and obsolutely professional looking. UNTIL!


Because of the nature of their busienss, practically every product attribute is unique. This is primarily due to the fact that each attribute needs to have it's own part(model) number. So, imagine a cart with 10,000 items with an average of 4 attributes for each. Yes, that's 40,000 attributes!


For sake of this post, I clicked on the Products Attributes link in the admin section before I visited these forums. Since then, I've registered, gotten on the phone with my dad, smoked a cigarette, scratched my dogs ears, confirmed my registration to these forums, and typed to where I am now. The products attributes page still has not loaded.


This is going to be impossible for the client to manage.


I suggest that the options be managed completely independant from options values and from the attributes themselves. Thus, making it possible to add/remove as needed without having to wait for the LONG prodcuts attributes page to load.


Additionally, I think it would be GREAT if there was a 'hot' add attribute feature in the products management section.


Let's say they have just added a new product, they can click manage attributes for this product and have about 10 empty spaces to add attributes on the fly WITHOUT the option to choose from existing options values. Thus, making each entry a new options value and a new attribute for that product.


Addtionally, each of the attributes for that product, if they already existed, would be listed with options such as edit and delete.


I this particular example, (the 40K attribute shop), the need for the main products attributes page would be gone completely. Everything would be easily managed via the products page. (maybe even add a ';hot' add option link that opens a little pop-up window).


I'd like to think with the size of the osCommerce community that someone else is haveing the same problem I am. However, I was unable to find anything in the forums.


A couple of the contributions looked promising at first, only to find they all had the same loadinging problem. I gues putiing 40,000 items in a drop down menu is kinda hard to do. ;-)



(BTW: the products attributes page is still not loaded, yet the process on the server IS alive and working. It's saving to tmp file now.)

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