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If you're using cc_cvv+encryption v1_61 mod, READ!


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I've just installed the mod with MS2 (although some of the code had to go in different places because of a slightly different file structure). After testing, I found that using switch/solo with encryption enabled chopped off the last 2 digits! The solution (if you didn't know and use it already) is to alter the CC number field in the database to be 38 characters long (max cc number length=19, 2*19=36) and it all works fine.


Here's the SQL:


ALTER TABLE `orders` CHANGE `cc_number` `cc_number` VARCHAR( 38 ) DEFAULT NULL


Now when you enable encryption and use a switch card with 18 digits, or Solo with 19 digits, you can read them all in admin!


If anyone wants to know how to get this mod working properly in the ms2 admin let me know!

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Ive just added this mod to MS2 and so far so good, except when Validation is on.. it's rejecting every card number as not being accepted by us, when in fact I have enabled every type of card.


Have you experienced this?




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Installed this mod on a July '02 release (only one available from my host). Got the following two errors. Is there anyone that can explain why?


Parse error: parse error in /home/xxxxx/public_html/catalog/includes/functions/general.php on line 1155


Line 1155 is the one where the include statement for encrypt.php is.


Fatal error: Call to undefined function: changedatain() in /home/xxxxx/public_html/catalog/checkout_process.php on line 56


This seems self explanatory to me. No definition but not being a programmer I have absolutely no clue where the define should be.


I have commented out both lines for now and am able to run transactions which do collect the CVV (all test no live data) but I would like to be able to get the encryption to work.

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If we knew it all we wouldn't be here would we?

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