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Wrong User on Purchase


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From time to time I have it that new users when purchasing an item have somehow logged in and was recognized as someone else's account rather than theirs.


Has anyone ever experienced this, that a user purchased an item and the credit card info was correct but the mailing information was incorrect.


Users must have an account to purchase an item.





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Yes I have had this problem.


It appears that someone made a purchase and then the next person to purchase inherited their username and login. It was only when I viewed the transaction that i noticed that the details were different.


I do not have an answer though, hopefully someone else can help?





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if you do a search for +sessions +customers you should find a few explanations and methods to fix this. It is a common problem. I'm using contributions:

Session Regeneration

Spider Session Remover

Updated Spiders.txt


and in admin, configuration, sessions you should set Prevent Spider Sessions to True (this is where my problem came from)


hope that helps a little, it's hard to know what to search for sometimes, and easy to forget how quickly you become a geek with geek speak! Hope I'm not geek speaking!


Good luck

I'm feeling lucky today......maybe someone will answer my post!

I do try and answer a simple post when I can just to give something back.


PM me? - I'm not for hire

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If your using the Purchase without Account (PWA) I had the same problem however my issue arose not from sessions but from the customer_id used.


This happened because I allow PWA or express checkout customers on our site (http://www.picturelizard.co.uk) to have the option of not entering an email address.


The way PWA works assumes that on customer look up that everyone has an email set. So in our case the same customer_id was being used because both customers had entered a blank email address.


It's quite a simple fix... around 172 or order_info.php:




// PWA 0.910 : SELECT using new method of determining a customer has purchased without account:

$customer_exist = false;

$check_customer = null;

// MT dup customer id fix

if( isset($HTTP_POST_VARS['email_address']) && $HTTP_POST_VARS['email_address'] != '')


$check_customer_query =

tep_db_query("select customers_id, purchased_without_account, customers_password, customers_email_address, customers_default_address_id

from " . TABLE_CUSTOMERS . "

where upper(customers_email_address) = '" . strtoupper($HTTP_POST_VARS['email_address']) . "'");

$check_customer = tep_db_fetch_array($check_customer_query);

if( tep_db_num_rows($check_customer_query) ) $customer_exist = true;



{ // no email provided so get next avaliable guest customer id

$customer_exist = false;



if ( $customer_exist )


// PWA 0.70 added this for backwards compatibility with older versions of PWA


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