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Change Ordernum

PSX Norge

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I use an ordernumbering system that uses 4 digits for the number and 2 digits for year.


E.g. Ordernum 1050 Year 2003 Gives order number 105003

Kan I make it add 03 after each ordernumer OR add 100 for each order and start counting from 105003 (+100 gives 105103)

The result is the same


I've managed to alter the ordernumber so that it is 1050 from the website

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This will show you how to reset the order ID so that new orders are assigned an ID from a speficied starting point, or to reset the ID counter when the orders table has been cleared.


The following SQL query needs to be executed on the database server:


alter table orders auto_increment = 1000;


The above query will assign an ID of 1000 to the next order made.


From the Wiki Effort http://wiki.oscommerce.com/helpHowtoResetOrderID

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