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The e-commerce.

Very important installation issue&problem!


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I read somewhere in this forum that I must change the point location in /includes/configure.php file. A big progress. But will someone tell me EXACTLY which line in /includes/configure.php I must change so that I finally can get rid off this error message: (receiving on step 3 during installation)


"The following error has occurred:


SQL file does not exist: /usr/local/psa/home/vhosts/install/oscommerce.sql"


I don't have so much experience when it comes to PHP, but I simply can't find the line in /includes/configure.php file that I must change. :unsure:



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How far along the installation are you? or, if you have installed then you are right the configure.php need to be updated [though this is something that is done automatically] no bother though, open up the configure file that resides in your catalog/includes directory, at the bottom you will see the database connection strings.


// define our database connection

  define('DB_SERVER', 'localhost'); // eg, localhost - should not be empty for productive servers

  define('DB_SERVER_USERNAME', 'put your user name here for the database');

  define('DB_SERVER_PASSWORD', 'your password here');

  define('DB_DATABASE', 'your database name here');

  define('USE_PCONNECT', 'false'); // use persistent connections?

  define('STORE_SESSIONS', 'mysql'); // leave empty '' for default handler or set to 'mysql'

all you need make sure of is that the hyphens stay either sides.

then upload the file and that should be it!

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Sorry ,

I just read your text again properly!

You are on the install pages...do not mess around with the configure just yet as you will get the same problem, what you need do is to define your user name and database name

assuming you have set up a sql database and lets say that you gave it the name "mystore" with a user name of "test" password of "store"....

you may find that on the install database screen [ page 2 i think] wjhen it asks for host type in localhost for user name type in you control panel or website user name something like username_test password just put in the password as it is

under database name you need to do the same as for the username so it looks like username_mystore.

I hope this helps you...this is the way I have had to configure the many stores I have done on a linnux box.

Sometimes you're the dog and sometimes the lamp post


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It think that we don't understand each other :blink:


I'm NOT receiving error message during database import - actually on next step.


Try by your self.


Point your browser to:




When it comes to step 2, enter following information:


Database Server: www.inmedialis.com

Username: caciloka

Password: martovski

Database Name: ciguli


Then se what?s happen on next screen. That's the problem.


Please get back to me as soon as possible.





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Make sure the file install/oscommerce.sql is in the install directory. The installation is trying to run the .sql file which most likely configures the database.


I don't see what editing the configure.php has to do with the install. The installation will write to this file. The configure.php must have proper permissions before running install.php (644 worked for me)

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You are receiving the error during database import. copy the install folder and move it up one folder. It is not looking for it in the catalog/install/oscommerce.sql which is it's actual location.


This is the location it is looking for it:

SQL file does not exist: /usr/local/psa/home/vhosts/install/oscommerce.sql
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I tried your suggestion, but it doesn?t work. But we have located the problem source. Read what I have been received from Globats support:




Your cgi-bin directory is located in the main directory of your new

web hosting account. If you ever need to know the "absolute

path" of your cgi-bin directory, it is:




Document Root (if you need this for programming purposes):




But the question now is: how to configure OSC install files to point to right location??? :blink:




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I came across the same problem - It looks like getenv('SCRIPT_FILENAME') returns

not valid script path for some virtual servers - I managed to pass this installation

step by adding following lines to the install_3.php file (./catalog/install/templates/pages/install_3.php) - the same should be probably added for install_2.php and install_4.php files



$script_filename = getenv('PATH_TRANSLATED');

if (empty($script_filename)) {

$script_filename = getenv('SCRIPT_FILENAME');



//added following 3 lines

if (!file_exists($script_filename)) {

$script_filename = realpath("./".basename($script_filename));







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