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transferring variables from flash to fill a cart


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Is there an easy way to have the variables I produce in a flash movie, set up a cart with say 20 items that they chose in the movie?


The flash movie will have about 40 items, where they are putting them together to constyruct the product combination of their choice. I scripted it so you can capture the variables in php on submit. Now is there a way OScomerce will fill a shopping cart with the items without having to reselect them one at a time?


Thanks for your help!

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Let me add to this...

I have a fash movie where i allow customers to build the swing set of their choice. Each choice sets a variable. I would like to be able to capture these parts and peices in the cart.


Movie: http://www.familyleisures.com/products/swingset.html

cart: http://familyleisures.com/products/catalog/




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  • 2 months later...

I was able to accomplish this in the end. Here is what I did:


I added the module for master products and made a master with all the components under it.


I then created a php script to interpret the values of the variables produced from my original flash. PHP was used to count each item if there were duplicates, and to identify the slave product with an amount. In the php page I echoed the values in text and added hidden input statements that would identify each slave product.

When users hit add to cart, all items add as defined in my flash builder movie.


You can view the movie here to try it out: Swing Set builder


The only bother was hardcoding the prices into the PHP to display on the page. There has to be a way to grab the prices dynamically from the data base and cart.

If you know how, let me know.



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