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Cannot access admin sections


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When I go to the admin control panel I get the table of contents but when I click on one of the titles, say, Modules; I get this message:


Fatal error: Call to undefined function: size() in /catalog/admin/includes/header.php on line 51



It was all working yesterday and even replacing header.php with the original does not fix the problem. Line 51 (52 and 53) in header.php reads


if ($messageStack->size('header') > 0) {

echo $messageStack->output('header');



and as far as I know I have not altered this from the original. It does it no matter what I choose in the admin control panel so I nust have mucked something else up somewhere but I just cannot track down what. When I view the catalog when not in admin mode (i.e just browsing in the store as a customer) the header is fine.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am so new to this I'm surprised I got this far without bringing the whole thing down :unsure:

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