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The e-commerce.

Update reqd(Product option Multiplication)


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Hi there,


I have posted about this contribution located at http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,721 , in general support form, may be this inappropriate.


I have tried to contact the author to kindly update this Contribution, but Mail bounces back saying his in box is full.


All OScommerce team members and experts, Please take time to update this MOD if you have a bit of time.


My Store development is stopped because I don't have this contribution. I am requesting you all to take sometime to do this.


All this contribution does is add Multiplication option X to the existing + and - options.



Please do the needful.



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Nooobody answering.... :( ,

O.K may be I am not clear.

May be I explain a bit more clearly what I intend to accomplish.

Please assume we have 1000 products in a store, which we sell by weight.

1 lb, 2lb, 3 lb etc.

Now if we wish to increase the price of a product from the baseprice(take 1 lb, 1 dollar) we have to add the attributes manually with the price increase depending on weight.

And when the base price changes we have to update the attributes manually which is very tiresome and labour oriented.

I am looking for a solution where we can set attributes so that if we change the base price of 1 lb, price should automatically update according to the option chosen by the customer.

This means when customer choses an option to buy 2 lbs, then the set attribute should multiply the base price of 1 lb 2 times so that the price should be updated to 2 dollars.


Is this something difficult to achieve with oscommerce. Please there are so many experienced persons in here, please enlighten me in this aspect, because my store development is stopped due to this reason. I cannot go for a custom solution as I am not so rich it is a fact and most importantly I don't want to loose the Rich features and freedom I enjoy using oscommerce.

Open source helps people flourish, and me wishing to succeed using oscommerce.


Please someone reply to this post, I am ready to talk with someone who are ready to do this for a price (custom work) .

I am really in need of help.




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