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Feedback for wiki docs


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I have thought of that but cannot find a good solution for the names of sub-categories.


The bolded categories will all be on one page and when you click on one of their links it will go to the list.


Any ideas on how to break it up and into what sub-categories?

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I find it hard to give useful feedback when I can't tell what the sections are. There are edit links, but I can't use them. For example, I think that it would make more sense to put 'Upload Images into Own Folders' under Admin/Catalog. However, where should 'Search Style Box' go? Probably where it is, but it is hard to tell, since I have no idea what it is. Or how about 'Account Details?' What does that discuss? I can think of at least one discussion that could reasonably have that title that would fit better under Admin/Configuration.


I think that Harald was suggesting a Style/Layout subcategory that would have Stylesheet and Info Box sub-subcategories as well as Arrows (>>) in Header Navigation, Background Color, and Table Width. If not, then I suggest it. This would also be a good place to put template documentation--when we have templates.


I think that it would also be easier for future updating if the admin sections could be broken up more. It's easier to discuss changes to one paragraph than ten. Also, currently, someone looking for Product Attributes has to open the entire Catalog page and wade through a bunch of stuff they don't need to get to what they do.


Just my $.02,


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How about this for the general info entries:


Forms: * Account Fields?

Style/Layout: * Arrows (>>) in Header Navigation?

Style/Layout: * Background Color?

Specific Boxes: * Cart to Each Page?

Forms: * Country to Top of Dropbox?

Text changes: * DisplayCategory Name in Text Area?

Specific Boxes: * IP of Your Visitors?

Tips & Tricks: * Master Password?

Text changes: * Meta Tags?

Style/Layout: * Picture "click to enlarge"?

Errors & Fixes: * Security Warnings in SSL?

Style/Layout: * Table Width?

Text changes: * Text Changes?


I would also split boxes into specific boxes and general boxes. Specific is for info specific to a particular kind of box, like Search Style Box. General would be for info that applies to all boxes, like BOX_WIDTH.


Specific Boxes: Category Arrows, Manufacturer Style Box, New Box, New Products Style Box, New Product Column Numbers, New Products Limit, Search Style Box, Search Calendar, Cart to Each Page, IP of Your Visitors


General Boxes: Box Column Widths, Box Corner Graphics, Box Header Images, Box Links, Box Links to Site Outside Osc, Remove Boxes, Secure Mode Hide Infoboxes


IMO, Master Password does not fit in with the rest of the site. It is more of a tip or trick than something that needs documented.




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What about this now?



I was thinking that each category link would go to another page with a listing of sub-categories and listings in that category.


On the first page called "docs" there would be only the main categories like:





Errors & Fixes


Tips & Tricks


When you click on Catalog for instance you would see everything that is under the Catalog category with the listings only being links.


The sub-categories would not be linked ... only the listings.


Each listing would navigate to the next listing in the list and back to previous listing, etc.

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Sounds good to me.


Also, could you add a link to this bug report somewhere in Errors & Fixes or Install instructions or somewhere? It pops up enough that it would make sense to officially document it.




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I think that a lot of the tips and tricks should be appended to the admin configuration help, as they are an extention to available options - eg. shipping configuration >shipping tips



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