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The e-commerce.

(help please)product price X per weight(lbs)


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I wish to do pricing in such a way that, I sell products accoeding to weight and price is based on weight. Our shipping is flat rate. No need of ups or anything.

our base weight of the product is 1 lb

When we add products to catalog we are adding the price based on 1 lb .i,e. 1 lb costs 2.00 dollars, we put the product price as 2 dollars.

Now we want to add product options so that if customer purchases the product as it is we will deliver him 1lb, if customer selects a drop down or some thing and selects 2 lbs, The product quantity should remain one, but the price should be 4.00 dollars now.


I am looking for some thing that caliculates the price based on the base price per lb. so that if I add it into the attributes, according to customers selections(via product options) price should be caliculated.


This way we have no need to update all the prices manually for a particular product, once we change the base price everything will be caliculated accordingly.


someone please help me, and in return I will provide hosting for you with a domain name to play, work and test oscommerce as you like. I can provide this free hosting for 3 months with 500 mb space, 5 gb bandwidth and a domain name(whatever I have). As I said for testing purposes only.

I am not doing this to get attention, This feature really helps all of us. Please tell me if I am wrong.

I searched a lot in this forum but couldn't find a solution for this.



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Hi, it'll do this right out of the box. You enter a product, and give it your default price, say $2 on product entry page. Then you go to the attributes/options page, create an option for quantity, create options for the weights you want 1lb, 2lb, etc.. Then you associate those options as an attribute below. Select the product, select quantity, select the quantity, for one pound leave the price blank. For 2 pounds put in +2. As you do this, you'll build a drop down menu on the catalog page showing the weights, and the amount of the price change. But it's a bit of a waste to do this if the price increases in exact proportion to the number of pounds. In the cart they can just enter the quantity of pounds, and the price is automatically adjusted, and if they simply press add to cart the default amount will be added in every time they hit the button. I sell by weight, and charge differentially for say a half pound vs a full pound so they pay more by weight for the half pound than if they buy more. Does this help? You can pm me if you have more questions. Jeremy

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Hi there, I'm taking this offline as I'll forward you my files so that you can use them for reference. My site is heavily modded so you'll need to tailor them to suit you and just extract the appropriate sectons. Also, be aware that I DON'T use the addition or subtraction operands as this one can be used as a substituion for both.



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it is true because of the reason I am not having the http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,721. This contribution is for older versions, my store development is stopped. I am not a php programmer to do it myself.


I have got this excellent ecommerce engine, but mine is like I should have this kind of attribute. For example you think I would like to sell thousands of shades of PAINTS by different weights, Price keeps changing everyday.

We plan to sell paints starting from 1lb to 10 lb. And base price will be for 1b and it multiplies till 10 lb.

If I can set the attribute options so that if user chooses 2 lbs from product options and click add to cart the price should be doubled, i.e 1 X 2 = 2 , for 3 lbs it should be 3 times the base price.


Now I can do it manually by using + attribute. But the problem is number of products are so many, and if price changes for many products, I not only should update the prices, but should update all attributes too, this is very hard to do when shop is huge with many products.


If there is the above Attribute where I can add multiply option to products, my problem will be solved.

I have searched the forum for the solution and all posts are incomplete.


I sincerely request anyone of you pros who are very experienced with oscommerce to do this please. This cart has everything except this attribute.





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:o I have sort of the same problem. My cart was working just great. Then something happened (not sure what). In the quantity field next to the product during checkout, if you put 5 or 6 or whatever, it only adds 1. Can someone help me with that?? :blink: Please....Thank you

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