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I found the B2B contrib and it looks good, however I could not quite work out one or two of the features.


Basically can it alter price by quantity? So if a user buys 3 of a product it costs 1.50 each

30 products = 1.00 each

300 products 50p each

30000 10p each.


Is this possible with the B2B suite does anyone know?

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i've installed this verry good contrib in version 0.8.

but now i've got a little problem.

when i have set a category-discont for a group and press the "update_group_price-button" all products in my shop have the discont!


for example:


group : vips

category : valves (number 87) / 5 products-> 10%


-> press button

-> all products in my shop hves the 10% discont -> :( :( .


what's the problem??

thx soc.

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i tried to find the problem and i think it's in the cutomers_groups.php.

there is no query about the the categories to update.

i tried to write such a query but i think i'm too stupid for that.

so if someone has an idea please help me "out of the box".

thx soc.

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well what about if I need to hide base price for several groups.....

Is it posible?

Sorry for delay, but the forum mail notification not working... :-( and i'm not present on the forum.

Yes i think is possibile, but in b2b usually hide price, not show. You must add a row in the table.

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