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Using download feature for .mp3's


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I'm using the download feature so that people can download MP3's in zip or raw format. When I try to test it, It downloads correctly but when I go to open it I can't. The file is corrupt somehow. What do I do? Has anyone ever seen this? It seems that it converts the file to .txt format when downloading. Any help would be appreciated.



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Did you ever get this problem solved?


I'm having the exact same problem. I'm trying to allow customers to download a ZIP file. When you click the Download button on the order summary, it prompts them to save the file (as a ZIP format) locally as expected. But this file is corrupt when you try to open it (and the file size is way too small).


Any suggestions? Thanks...

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I think I heard somewhere that someone was having issues with the G-zip compression.. and they had to turn it off.. can't remember where that was though

but I think you have to turn g-zip compression off somewhere



on another note. I posted this in general support as well as in another area.. but I really need help.. it's concerning an mp3 store







As we enter this new realm of digital music. and with all the mp3 players etc.. artists and dj's alike will want to SELL their mp3's on-line.. is anyone making an add on to the OSCOMMERCE cart that will help with this..



Ok.. so I want to set up in my os commerce a way to have people be able to buy MP3's.. say like on www.puretracks.com or with MAC's " iTUNES "


this is what the download object should do


- ability to download a file ( if the customer only wanted to purcahse individual mp3's


- ability to have customer purchase "credits" so they can download multiple files

if they were to say buy a re occuring membership.. thus allowing the user to download more then 1 download with out having to go and actually purchase that particular mp3


hopefully you follow


basically.. I've installed the download function in the store @ www.hibias.ca/catalog

but this is only good if someone were to want to purchase that particular mp3. or download..

what happends if they were to want to buy a membership. .ie.. that would allow them to say download 10 mp3's a month..


note my confusion.. and need of help here

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We actually figured out how to solve the original problem.


Under the Configure/Download section on the admin site, there is an option for "Download by redirect". It says "Use browser redirection for download. Disable on non-Unix systems." We are using a Windows server and had it enabled. Switching to disabled made the problem go away. Customers are now able to download as expected just by clicking on the Download button in their orders.


As for the MP3 store question, I'm not exactly sure how the membership option would work. You could just sell pure MP3s using the Download Manager contribution. But the credits and membership concepts aren't very clear to me either.


I am interested in more details if you get the concept worked out.



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