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I'm looking to set up an online shop using osCommerce, but am really confused as to where to start. I downloaded the latest milestone release, but it's all much more complex than I anticipated.


Can anyone provide information that'll help me get going or am I a bit too out of the loop to start up shop using osCommerce?

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Hi there


Im more or less in the same position as you. I'm looking to start a OsCommerce shop site. And Im having difficulty understanding its set up and configurations too. I havent really come across any step by step guide to do so. Or just a simple guide in itself.


I get OsCommerce as a intergration feature from my website provider, so it seemed the natural solution. But that is just as difficult to set up.


So any help would be appreciated.



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Okay, I had the same problem, but I can tell you how to install and where to find step by step directions.


First off, unzip the latest milestone into your site. Now, before you do anything else, upload the folder "catalog" using ftp.

Next thing to do is to go to the wiki website for instructions on how to install:

Click HERE

Follow the instructions carefully. (I also suggest very strongly that you look at several posts on this form using the search keyword "database" or "configure.php", the wiki documentation does not tell you that you need to change your configure.php files, but you will need to once you create your database and export it in phpadmin).


You WILL have to create a database through your cpanel on your host's server, so go to the cpanel and create your database. In the control panel you should also have something called phpadmin, once you've entered phpadmin click on export link. Then at the bottom of the page click export to export the database.


Now that you have your database created, remember your username an database name. On step #2 of the install you will be asked to enter the database server name, which is localhost (in most cases), your username, and your database name. It is real important that you include the prefix and underscore to your username and database name (ex: "interior_aaron" interior_ is the prefix, aaron is the username). If you created a password when you made your database, go back and delete the user and create another user with the same username but without the password. you do not need to put a password in.

Now just follow the next steps and keep clicking next or continue.

You will get to a page that will ask about secure server (SSL). Ask your hosting provider if they have a SSL certificate, and get the url to it. If they have a certificate and you want to secure your site, you will have to go to the configure.php files under both:





In these files you will have to insert the SSL url that your host gave you in the string that says:

define (https:// ......blahblah) \\blah blah blah

Remeber to put your username after your ssl url ('https://sslurl.host/username')


Do this in both files.

That should help you get started, and all you have to do now is just continue to click next until it says your finished.

If only I was the one helping you...


.:::::For complete data-driven and multi-media website creations:::::.




Get instructions, visit the documentation site:


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Wow, that's quite a bit. Many thanks for that info. :-)


Unfortunately, I don't have a domain name yet. Rather, I have a free account with 50megs.com. I can't use FTP with a free account and I'm forced to use their templates.


Is there a site that offers what I need for free, or should I upgrade my 50megs account?

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