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Easy Populate - Getting '####' in product descript


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I haven't touched easy populate in some time, but i'd like to start using it again. After modifying the tab-delim file in excel, then re-saving it, in *some* of my product descriptions, i'm coming up with '#################' in place of where my descriptions used to be.


Anyone seen this before? I did search around, but was unable to find anyone else that had seen this.


If you've seen this...how do i resolve this ?


Thanks! ;-)



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I'm not sure of the solution for your text descriptions, but in Excel if you have a column that you have set to accept input of, say 5 digits and then perform a function that results in an answer that is 6 digits long - the # signs will appear indicating too wide for the column size. This is corrected by double-clicking on the right side border of said column, which then re-sizes the column to accept the new width.


My guess is that Excel is saying there's more there than what will fit in the column size it has been told to maintain, so you might try a double-click on that column border.

... if you want to REALLY see something that doesn't set up right out of the box without some tweaking,

try being a Foster Parent!

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We had this problem which is excel related and nothing to do with Easypopulate. Easypopulate is a real life saver.


If you view your file in excel, you'll see the columns/cells with XXX. Mark these cells as "number'' or ''currency'' which makes them appear as 'text' and they'll import into your database as you want to see it.


Its a bit of a pain but its a workaround.


If anyone has a better suggestion, we'd like to know.

Citizen of US Minor Outlying Islands

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