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The e-commerce.

I get two confirmation emails


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My osCommerce is delivering two identical confirmation emails after each sale. I can see that this will be a nuisance after a while. Any ideas on how to make it so that just one sales confirmation email is generated?


thanks, t

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Two welcome emails are going out for me. I'm not really open, so I don't have any sales yet.


I'm not sure how/where to correct this, but I signed up for four accounts and each one got two welcome letters.


Any ideas?

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Here's a thought. Are we all using other personal e-mail addresses as test customers? If so then maybe we are seeing the copy of the customer's letter that comes to the store (as opposed to the order e-mail that comes to the store) and thinking that it has come to our other e-mail address.


Does that make sense and is that a possibility for the rest of you?



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That would make sense for the duplicate orders, as that was what I thought also when I saw this post. One to the customer (you) and one to the store owner (you again).


But the store owner shouldn't get a copy of the welcome email - that should only go out once.


I don't know why it is happening though - just thought I'd chime in with my twopennorth

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I am having the same problem. Is there a php file that contains the code for the confirmation emails to be sent? Can it be modified?


My store is sending two copies of ALL of the emails sent from it (e.g., order confirmations, newsletters, welcome letters, etc.)


This is extremely annoying to our customers. how can we fix this?


Also, is there a way to customize the welcome letter and/or the order confirmation letters?

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