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Shipping Zones - Need Assistance modifying


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I want to take the existing shipping zones and modify it slightly, but I'm not clear on the best way to do this. Possiblly someone else already has and could share. We are shipping in US only and I want to change the zones to state based verses country based. I'm thinking that I just use the Country table as a guide and build a new table to reflect states or zones within states (ex: S.CA, N.CA), then just change the string to look for the state table instead of country. However I'm not sure how that would be identified when a person is checking out. Could someone direct me or give some ideas on what other areas I will need to modify to make this work. The shipping rate is a % of total sales based on which zone the product is being shipped to. Hopefully someone is smarter than I.



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In case anyone else is looking for a similar solution, after much searching I found and used Jorge's Region Based Contribution and modified it for percentage of total sales. His contribution works perfectly and allows you to list states in zones (as many as you need) and then base either flat (and now) percentage rates to those zones. Probably more useful to US base sites.


I'm still trying to add to it a flat rate as minimum - sales less than $75.00USD = $6.50 above is based on table rates - but once again I'm stuck. If anyone needs the code to convert flat rates to percentages based on zones I posted it to Jorge's thread located here http://www.oscommerce.com/forums/index.php?sho...60entry241401.


If anyone can assit in adding the minimum flat rate, I know there are a couple of folks beside myself that need this, and we would all be very thankful for the help.

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