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Font changes


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Other than some color and image additions to my .css, I haven't yet experimented changing any of the fonts, until today.

I've tried searching here in the forums for a little help (the search engine seems to be limited), but I can't figure out what font to change, and where it should be changed.

First of all, the Verdana and Arial fonts obviously dominate the stylesheet in osCommerce. Nothing wrong with it, but we want something different for our site. However, we'd like to change the text font in the categories boxes (and others), product descriptions (the text font in which the rows of products are displayed), and the text font in the actual product description


I don't appear to have any permissions issues at all, but every font I've tried will not work. Is this an issue with the osCommerce stylesheet?

Where exactly do I make the changes (listed above)? Would someone please tell me what has to be changed for all this? And, which has to be changed: Verdana, Arial, or both?

Thank you. :)

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When a stylesheet has a list of fonts for an element, the browser will match the first one that it finds on the local system. If Verdana is found it will be used, otherwise Arial if it is found, otherwise whatever the system has defined as the generic sans-serif font will be used. If none of these match the browser will use its default font.


If you want a serif font you can use Times New Roman, Times Roman, TimesRoman, serif.


Use of fonts in a web page is always a bit of a guessing game. You will need to research the fonts that are supplied as standard with the operating system and stick to these. Always provide a selection so the browser has a chance to find something close to what you want.


For more info on stylesheets go to w3.org and click on css.




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