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better forum organization


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are you tired of having your post on page 4 with only 5 views after only a couple hours after you posted? here are a couple things i think can be done to the forums so the turn over rate in each forum isn't as quick.


1. post a faq as a sticky in each forum. this faq should have a title like (READ THIS FIRST BEFORE POSTING) and include answers to common problems like the php 4.2.2 parse error problem. this is necessary as i see MANY of the posts are just repeats that can be prevented. the faq should encourage people to look for their answers elsewhere first (which would be much quicker than waiting for an answer to your post) like the wiki documentation or the contributions section and to triple check their code. it should also encourage people to search the forums for their answers BEFORE posting.


2. the forums should be divided even more. under support there should be a checkout support forums (for checkout process issues), database issues, shopping cart, etc. a forum for each area of the oscommerce software (these will be up to the osc team as they see fit. the general support forum should only be used for questions that don't fall into the other categories or spans several categories.


on a side note, there should also be a similar faq in the bug reports system. i see a lot of bug reports that aren't really bug reports at all.


thanks for reading my suggestions.

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i agree with you when you talk about a faq.. maybe people should search the forums or the wiki documments.. but noneone does it..


about separating the forum more and more i don?t think it?s the best thing to do.. having to much categories it?s a problem when you are browsing trough the site...




patagonia, argentina

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