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Canada Post Shipping Error


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Hi Everyone,



Would someone be able to tell me how to fix this error with the Canada Post shipping. It was working fine for months, now I get this error and my customers are stick in checklout linbo:



This is currently the only shipping method available to use on this order.

Canada Post

An error occured with the canadapost shipping calculations.

If you prefer to use canadapost as your shipping method, please contact the store owner.



My Canada Post shipping module is set to:


Canada Post Parcel Service


Enable CanadaPost Shipping



Enter CanadaPost Server IP


Enter CanadaPost Server Port



Enter Selected Language-optional



Enter Your CanadaPost Customer ID



Enter Turn Around Time(optional)



Tax Class

Taxable Goods


Shipping Zone



Sort Order




Any idea what I am doing wrong?


Thanks so much for your help,



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Well, I talked with Canada Post, they have a new Sell Online feature but they said that was not causing the error, that the error was on the oscommerce end. So, I downloaded and installed the contribution again, only now to get an XML parse error. All day I've fought this. I give up.


Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.





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I got this error 2 times in my live shop before,


what happend was canada post put me on a different server and they did not tell me the ip changed, which was the problem.\




*Outlined in chalk everone looks the same*


Currently useing OSC 2.2 MS1

running on Apache/1.3.27 (Unix) (Red-Hat/Linux) mod_jk/1.2.0 mod_perl/1.26 PHP/4.3.3 FrontPage/5.0.2 mod_ssl/2.8.12 OpenSSL/0.9.6b

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If someone has access to version 11 of Sell On-line module please forward it to [email protected]. I have tried many times to get a hold of SellOnline help desk but with no luck. I want to verify what code variation did they make to XML so we no longer have access to the production server. I have switched back to CP demo server until we figure the solution.


Joe Matt


Xtrem Can PC Support Center.


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Sell Online Wrote:



We do not use the Perl API anymore. We have a direct connection to the server that is faster and easier to integrate. It is producing XML, but we can return the reply in HTML as well. The connection is available from our website at; click on Developers Resources, then on the Direct Connection. I also suggest that you have a look at the FAQs. If you decide to go ahead with the integration, send me an email confirming the name of the company that will be using the module and the postal code, and I will create a shipping profile.


I'm still waiting the new API to modify the shipping module. It seems that all current CP clients have to create a new shipping profile to integrate smoothly with version 11 ;)


Has anyone heard about this issue or from our developers yet?




Xtrem Can PC Support Center


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Ok, I checked our module and its back to work again. Although I didn't change the XML code yet, but I guess CP SellOnline has switched our profile to another server that accept the current CP shipping module code (IP still


If anyone got it working after contacting SellOnline, please reply so other clients do the same process.


P.S. For people who want to test the mod, please clarify that your order is for testing purposes only.




Xtrem Can PC Support Center


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I'm having the same problems with Canada Post as the earlier posters to this thread.


What was the specific solution?


I too contacted CP and received the same reply - not sure where to go with that.


My client just informed me of the error on the site - so we are a bit behind.


thanks in advance



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I finally gave up on the CP module (using MS1), after trying to get it to work even with the assistance od SellOnline 2X. So I just used the Table Module for now so my customers can order. (I also changed the name of the table so my customers still see it as Canada Post - just so they know it's postal delivery) Sadly, however, this eliminates expedited and air mail functions, which I'll probably add later.




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Is it still possible to use the Canada Post contribution?


I'm currently getting:


"Cannot reach Canada Post Server. You may refresh this page (Press F5 on your keyboard) to try again."



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I was able to use the Canada post option version 3.6. The server has been sending wrong prices back, and my site isn't sending the dimensions yet, but it gives a quote at least.


I've talked with the helpdesk a bit, asking about the packing guidelines, and emptybox features. They don't seem to know much about it, and there's no input in my seller's profile for these features. Does anybody have any experience with this. Empty box is very important to us, as 80% of our customers will buy enough to max the shipping weight for a given price point. The packing guidelines would help troubleshooting the installation of the module. Jeremy

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