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Collecting Credit Check Info


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I would like to gather information from customers to be able to run a credit check (SSN and Driver's License #). What's the best way to get this information somwhere during the checkout process? Is there perhaps a module that would require only minor editing, or should I just go in and try to edit the checkout_xxx.php files? Is anybody else doing this or something similar, collecting additional information from customers?

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I did a mondification to collect cvd number and store to database some time ago.


You need going through whatever the payment module you are using to make changes. In my case, I modified "cc.php" in include/module/payment. Four locations needs modification, "function java_validation()", "function selection()", "function confirmation()", "function process_button()". In function selection you can add a text field to collect the info. Simply add something like:

array('title' => 'new info', 'field'=>tep_draw_input_field('info'));


You also need to modify "function java_validation()" to validate the input of this field. In "function confirmation()", you need do a http post of the collected info and

in "function process_button()" you need add a hidden field for the info.



To store the info you need modify the data base table "order" to add a column for the info by doing something like "alter order add column info varchar(10)". But to insert the data to the database, you need modify class defination of order in "order.php", and modify "checkout_process.php".


In order to view the info on the admin side, you need modify admin/include/classes/order.php, and admin/order.php.


All in all, this is not a trivial task. I hope I have given some basic idea on how to achieve this.

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dear evan,


thank you so much for your post. I'm trying to do the same thing, and I've followed your instructions, but I have a problem:

After the confirmation (which shows well the new field) it doesn't inserting the data to the new column in the 'order' table in my database. I tried to check all the files you mentioned, and the correct variables are specified. What should I check ? Are there any other files I should take a look at ?


Thanks in advance for your help !


Best Wishes,

Eyal Hay

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