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The e-commerce.

Has anyone experieced this?


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Hi Eveyone,


I haven't posted in quite some time because the MS1 version I am using is so awesome I was running with no problems at all.


I have noticed of late however, that my sales have dropped right off for no good reason, my customers are telling me they are being told when they try to order that we are only accepting Canadian orders, they also tell me they can't choose anything but the provinces when ordering. I am so confused because as you know, when a customer fills out an account, there is no drop down for province/state, only country. I've no idea where this is coming from.


Also, I am set up to accept all currencies with PSIGate and they tell me there is no problem there, they can't figure out where the customers are getting this from, or at least that is what they are telling me.


Do you think the problem is at PSIGate, or is it something else (has someone hacked my site)? I have tried to duplicate the problems I am being told about but can't find anything wrong when I do test orders.


Any ideas would be soooooo welcome. Thanks as always for your help.


Catherine Pruissen



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Not sure what your problem may be. I run PSiGate on my 2.2CVS store, I have modified it to accept US or Canadian currency depending on the currency selected by the customer. I processed an order in $US on October 14th, it went through without hitch.



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