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I was going to use xcart but decided to go with oscommerce since this seemed like such an organized effort and active community.


The reality is that it's taking me far too long to get my site going. Part of it is a lack of centralized documentation (I know about the wiki, and forum search, but haven't seen any how-to guides).


I've tried posting here and not had much success in getting replies, which seems to be common for basic questions, and even PMd a couple of the developers but didn't get any replies.


If there is such documentation available and I've missed it, please let me know.



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Thanks for your reply, I did look and found easypopulate, which I am testing. I'm not sure if it will handle images or not but it at least gets me halfway there.


There are so many dead end threads on here with the same questions (for example, the poulate from an excel sheet question). I wish there were better support here on the forum for newbies, or at least a "you're probably going to ask this, so here's the answer" handbook.

I know, I know "so write one". Maybe I will.


I'd still like a list of consultants in case I hit a dead end. This might be a good addition to the wiki perhaps?

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I've been lurking here for awhile and have seen the above concerns mentioned quite often. Fortunately, I have not had many problems installing osCommerce, except for a few minor formatting bugs that I can't seem to sort out (and am waiting patiently for some assistance in another post).


Not trying to sound high and mighty here. I simply am wanting to add a little support to what I see as a developing trend. I know you all do the best you can, and it's great stuff that is being done. Perhaps there is a solution. Maybe divvy up the installation/configuration forum into more specific 'areas' to make it less of a strain on individual administrators, etc? This would at least keep posts from getting pushed onto second, third, fourth pages before they have a chance to be seen.


I'm all about a solution. When I'm more osCommerce savvy, I'll surely do something to help. In the meantime, perhaps there is something in the process of the forum itself that could be rearranged?


My 2 bits (hoping I didn't step on any toes here),


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