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Can One Add A Description For A Product like This?


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Hello. This is sort of similar to another question, but I hope it's ok I ask.


If you notice this old cart of ours:



There is a category 'transformers' with a big description.


Then, you click on a 'sub category' such as "TC models" and so on.


How can I do this with oscommerce? To have one big description for any product, and then have them choose a sub-category or one model among others in that category?


Is this possible?

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osCommerce does support subcategories, but not in the manner that you describe (that I'm aware of).


Here's an example of a multi-item subcategory:




As far as adding a description, I think it'd be as simple as editing default.php. But you'd need some 'mad php skillz' to get it working right.


You could use php switch logic to determine what category you were in (in my link as an example, you could say switch (cPath=69) and then tell it to require an include file called "cPath69.inc" which contains the description of the sub-categories listed below.


Hope this helps,



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You can have subcategories inside subcategories as deep as you like. Just add them like you would add you main categories, but create them while you are in the main categories where you add your products. There is also a contribution you can use to add descriptions to you categories.

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