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This maybe a huge thing to do but it would be great to be able to see if osCommerce can do what my client is looking for.


My client is a professional photographer who wants to be able to add photo galleries for his clients. There are a number of issues that I have discussed with him and he's left it up to be to be able to figure these issues out. Here are the issues:


He does a number of weddings and privacy is important. There's a catagory called [Wedding]. Under there would be his client's photo's.


*1* Is there a way to password protect certain area's like a client's photo gallery so that they can put in a username/password to access it?


This one is a little more difficult. Someone was telling me there's a gallery contribution that would allow someone to upload a gallery and osCommerce automatically generate a gallery.


*2* This one may be confusing **


My client has set prices on his photo's.  He's computer literate but not 100% web literate.  Is there a way to generate a page for him so that he can select the images he wants to upload and it adds it as products?


On top of that under the attributes section it looks like I'd have to go under each photo/product to say there's a 2x3, 4x6 and so-forth.  That's a little combersom considering he does about 100-200 photo's per wedding.  He has 5 different size & prices.  Is there a way that you can set the attributes based on the photographer or a "global" attribute?


There's a lot more but I can start with that right now because if we can't do this then I'll have to tell him osCommerce isn't right for him.



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Regarding the second option:


I'd like to see such a function too !

If it's going to be implemented I'd like to note that:

- It would be great to have the possibility to attach multiple attibutes to it.

(For example photo-size and finish(matte/polished))

- It would be an option to make it possible to assign these global-attributes to a

category (or sub-category) of items. In this way you could easily change a lot of

items at once, or change the attributes for multiple items at once.



Anyone out there that has done something like this or is willing to incorporate this into oscommerce ?






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