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renaming path folders


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Is there any way that osCommerce allows you to rename path names on your site. Like this website:



I would like my site: www.soccergrip.com to have such nice folder names and jersey descriptions in its url instead of:



Is there any mod that would allow me to do this or anything else? This really helps search engines rank you higher. :huh:

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Yes - you can rename them and make suitable adjustments in catalog/includes/configure.php



The only directory worth doing it to is catalog - the others never show in the address.


You *could* do it with filenames - then the adjustments can be made in filenames.php - don't forget that there are identical filenames in your languages directory - these would need to be renamed too. Only do this with files in the base catalog directory and the languages directory.




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Thanks for the reply.


What im trying to do is the following, change this:



To this:


the ------ I would like removed.


I dont think I can do this in configure.php and I think Im asking for too much. Would the only way to do this be to make html pages for each jersey or something? Please go to www.soccergrip.com and see what I did.. I got rid of /catalog/ already.

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Nice work! B)


Yes, you are very limited in what you can do in this regard - there may well be other tricks for changing what actually displays in the address bar... but I don't know them.... hmmmm... interesting :blink:



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