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Locked Out of Admin


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I have been attempting to add security to my Website by the introduction of a password for administration. For some unknown reason it was not set up when OCS was installed.


I have followed the setup process and created .htaccess and .htpasswd files uploaded them to the admin directory. They disappear when I rename them and as such I cannot find the 2 files.


I have overriden the exisiting .htaccess and .htpasswd files within the directory in an attempt to resolve the problem. Login popups up OK and User Name and details all popup however Password does not work.


I am currently locked out of admin. No good at all.


How do I reset or reverse the entire process or how can I delete it and start again.


Regards and thanks





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you should be able to locate (see) the two files in the website admin file manager (like ensim, etc.). Then you can delete them. The most common mistake (that I see) is that people place an invalid path to their .htpasswd in the .htaccess.

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I have installed a MOD called


Shoppe Enhancement Controller v2.2 with Credit Class and GV v5.05 for osCommerce MS2!


It has a login section allready built into the website for the admin.


And also has a load of other modifications, all useful, and all which can be disabled also if you dont want them.


You have to go here to download it here <--- CLICK HERE


Its very easy to install, with about 4 simple steps following a text file


You can see my store here CLICK HERE for a demo of how the store looks


It is all mostly configurable from within admin, including most of the boxes and colours


A really good MOD in my opinion



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You dont need to use .htaccess and .htpasswd with this setup


It uses encrypted passwords through MYSQL database and cookies to control login

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