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Sub-categories AND product-listing


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How do i show BOTH the subcategories AND the product-listing on the same page?


As it is now, the subcategories does'nt show if there are any products in current category..


Please help!!


- Tore (aka ZuluFX)

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:blink: I'm trying to understand what you're asking. Please explain more. Maybe some links. What are you trying to do?


The problem with winning the rat race is at the end you're still a rat.

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Okei ...

I want to remove the "Product Categories"-box. Then I want the main product categories in a single row in the top. If I then click a main product-catebory in the top, and that category contains sub-categories AND products - I want to show both the products and the sub-categories.


The problem is that if a product-category contains products AND sub-categories, it doesn't show the subcategories in the "body"-area on the webpage - just the products. I want to show the sub-categories of the chosen root-category, AND the products to that category just below.


- Tore

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Hi ZuluFX,


did you managed to sort out this problem as i am having it too, when i click my main categories i get a product listing rather than the sub categories..


your assistance is appreciated.

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