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Tax zone containing all countries but one


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Short version of my question:

Is there an easy way to define a tax zone containing all countries but one beside adding each one manually through the admin interface?


Longer version (but ending with the same question!):

We are using osCommerce to let people register to professional training sessions in Canada. All people attending these training sessions, whenever they take place in Canada, pay the 2 relevant taxes, even if they don't live in Canada. The only (or almost) exception to this rule corresponds to federal government employees who only pay one of the two taxes.

The easiest way I figured to set this up consisted of first creating a new country called "Canada Federal Government" and a tax zone corresponding to this specific country so that I can assign this zone the tax it has to pay. At the same time, I need another tax zone corresponding to everybody but "Canada Federal Government".

Now comes my question: Is there an easy way to define a tax zone containing many countries but not all of them like in this case? I know I can manually add each country one after the other, but I would clearly prefer a quicker and more elegant solution...


Any idea would be highly appreciated.

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  • 10 months later...

Absolutely not. As this issue did not concern a lot of clients and I had a lot other mods to work on, I put this aside, and we are manually sending corrected invoices in this case. But my guess would be that extracting the country list from the database and creating a SQL query based on the list and creating the relevant records might actually work without too much effort.

Let me know if you find something, I'll keep you posted as soon as I have time to work on it.

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