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Product Change Notification Problem


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Hi! I have managed to get OSC working pretty well, and installed mods and optional features that I need/want, but it seems that the "product change notification" built-in option doesn't work. I click on the "Notify me on product updates" as a user then I change the product description, stock status, several things in teh Admin module... but I never get an e-mail updating me as a user. Am I missing the purpose of this option? Is is a "known bug?" (I am using OSC 2.2 MS2)


Sorry... I checked the FAQ and did a search but didn't see this one answered elsewhere.



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I was wondering the same thing.


Is this a manual process?


How do we know if people sign up?


Do they get a welcome letter?


Is there a report somewhere?


I think it's a wonderful feature, but if it doesn't work automatically, it's going to be too much work to track.


Anyone use this successfully and want to share their procedure for implementing it?

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I have searched the forums, and no luck so far... I did see one tread that implied that someone searches the database daily and sends out their own notices... which is a TON of work... another said that you need to download the latest CVS version of OSC and then replace just the file having to do with notification. I haven't tried that yet. If you DO find a way let me know... if it doesn't work, I will want to "strip it out" before "going live!"

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OK, gang... looks like it is a "stoopid question"... which is why we got no response from "those that know"... I finally found a thread that explains the notification feature:




So, there you go... and it does work. <Sigh!>



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Yep... not quite as automated as I had hoped... I had thought maybe it would send an e-mail if the date of a field pertaining to the item was updated (ie, description changed, stock status changed, etc.)... however, it is slightly more manual (in those terms) than that. However, it is WAY better than what I had (have) in my old cart solution (before OSC.)

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