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Absolutely newbie - help with payment and shipping


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I've only recently installed osCommerce and I've been looking through the topics here for some help, but it's as if you're all speaking a foreign language, unfortunately :ph34r: I just can't seem to follow any of it!


I'm a pretty fast learner though, so please, if you think you can help me, throw some ideas at me! :blink:


I live in Australia and want to be able to add some Australian postage options to my checkout. For example, if the total weight is 2kg, I want to be able to have a "Parcel Post" - $4.10 option, and also an Express Post option, instead of the flat rate option.


How do I go about doing that?


I also want to add an electronic funds transfer payment option, and a paymate option - so that if someone selects EFT as their method of payment, the next screen will give them some bank account details to make payment to. And if they select paymate (which is basically an Australian version of paypal), I want it to give them a button which will take them to the paymate payment page.


Sorry if this has all been done to death (and I'm sure it has), I really just need a starting point - are there modules I can download to achieve this? Or tutorials?


My shop is here - http://shop.mumsnbubs.com/


Thanks VERY much!



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A couple ideas for the payment issues:


Yes, you need to download a couple of the 'custom modules' in order to support EFT and Paymate.


I don't see an EFT module available, so you may have to develop one yourself.


There are several Paymate modules available, however.


To find the modules go to the www.osCommerce.com main page, click downloads on the top-right menu, click Contributions on the left menu and then select Payment Modules.



Note that these modules are not *offically* supported (but at least the USPS shipping module one seems to work great!). You will have to read the modules helpfile to figure out the installation steps.


The order that you wish to display the other payment options may require a little work. Most modules display their form on the same payment page. So you select the payment type, fill in the form and click next. PayPal (maybe Paymate as well) appears to be the exception as the user is redirected to their server after the confirmation page.


Not sure if this helps any, I am also fairly new to osCommerce and I am basing these suggestions on my own recent project.


Good Luck!


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