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The e-commerce.

generic install missing all images


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Hello all,

I am extremly new to oscommerce and still learning php.

I installed oscommerce and am not getting any gif images to show up including the buttons. Sometimes they show up for short time periods then disapear again. I have checked the path and all seems correct and the images are there.


Please view www.forumoftruth.com/store


I have to be missing something simple. I am just not sure where to look for the problem. If some one who has had an problem like this or with a little more experience could help me out it would be much appreciated.


I have been playing with this for about a week now and removed it and installed again to double check everything.


Weird thing is if I browse the store for awhile, some of the buttons appear, sometimes they stay after that durring that session, other times if the page is reloaded they are gone again.




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Any ideas anyone?


I have searched for hours through the forums here, I found many posts with the same problem, or similiar problem, but none seemed to be resolved.


from other posts I see that there was mention of IE6 having a prob. displaying images, if that is the case then no one with new computers or new installs of win xp can view a oscommerce site? That dont make sense......... Thats been awhile, so surely there has been a fix since then.......


Also saw mention of chmod being 777 or 755 on images, I have verified all images are 755 and the folders they are in.


saw where one person deleted the .htaccess file, but that dont seem like a correct solution to me.........


Im lost, some one please help :unsure:


I tried adding my own images, same result..........great looking square with a nice looking red X ........unfortunatly that wont sell LOL

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