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Attribute Sorter and Copier 5.0


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I have uploaded the files that are extra files. I have succeeded in changing the database. Now I am trying to insert the changes in files that need to be changed. I can't just copy these changed files because I have a contribution mod named "OPTION TYPE FEATURES" and it has already made modifications to the files that are requested to be changed by ATTRIBUTE SORTER AND COPIER. I also need to keep and want to keep the OPTION TYPE FEATURE mod, because it is a wonderful mod.


I don't know where to insert the changed or added code now that my originals have been changed by another mod.


The files that need to be changed are:



If you have never modified these files, they can be over written.





/admin/includes/header.php (this one is not in the attribute sorter to see what needs to be changed, this file is not in there directory anywhere, so I don't know what needs to be changed in my files)

/admin/includes/stylesheet.css - changes listed above(DONE ALREADY)


Can someone please help me get this finished. Please, please! I beg of you!



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I got the contribution installed. I had forgot to copy over the header file inwhich I just found, plus the products_attributes file.


I just copied these 2 straight over


Now my product pages and category pages are messed up. The type style and info box colors are missing. My stylesheets are correct, I made sure of that. So now I wonder if it's because I copied over the orginal files as I was suppose to.


What now?



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I now have it fully installed. It took me 7 tries, deleting pasted info and then re-inserted it, deleting and inserting and.....and......so on. It took me 6 hours to finally get it right. At least so far it is. We shall see. Keeping my fingers crossed.


I believe there should be more moderators. It sure would be nice.


What a great MOD!



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