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quantity update


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Is there a contribution or way to do a quicker quantity stock update instead of going though the whole edit and update pages for each product?


Would like to just choose a product in the list and enter a quick quantity update.


Also, would be nice for a quick price update too.



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This works for just a quantity box.


1. copy this code near your in_cart button in product_info.php, actually you can add this code anywhere.



<input type="text" name="quantity" value="1" maxlength="2" size="2">



2. search your application_top.php


find this code:




replace with this one






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I believe that Melinda's solution is for the catalog area and the request is for the admin area. Please let us know if I am misreading one or the other.


I'm sure that this is possible (for both quantity and price), but I don't know of a simple modification that will do it. You would need to add a new input element to the base page and add a new action and code to handle it on categories.php, assuming I'm understanding the question correctly.


Good luck,



P.S. For forward compatibility (post MS4), I would write $HTTP_POST_VARS['quantity'] rather than just $quantity in application_top.php for the product_info solution.

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Yea i meant it for the admin side where you list of products appearsand to the right you have the 4 choises of edit, delete, move, and copy to.


Thing is i think i remember some mod that added a 5th button below with a text input box that would do a quick update to the product's stock without going through the whole edit process.


Would be cool to have this but i guess ill have to work on this and see if i can do anything.

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Ok i found this wonderful contribution and its more than i could ask for.


At first i thought it was just the simple quick price update that i needed but you can set it to update almost all of the product's options and update multiple amounts oft products at one time too.


Should be here:


Quick_updates v 2.4


Works great with MS2 and installing is very easy.


Absolutly wonderful and very usefull contribution.


Credit goes to:


  v2.0 Released under the GNU General Public License

    by GniDhal ([email protected])

    from an original script contributed by Burt ([email protected])

        and by Henri Bredehoeft ([email protected])

  v2.1 Released under the GNU General Public License

    by GniDhal ([email protected])


  v2.2 by Mathieu ([email protected])


  v2.3 by Mathieu ([email protected])


  v2.4 by Mathieu ([email protected])


  v2.4 repack by pcwehle ([email protected]

and whoever else has helped out.

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For anyone who is using this mod (Quick Updates) i think i found a little bug:


First go to quick updates in your admin.


Next choose a manufacturer with enough products that get split with more than one page (like << Page 1 of 3 >>) .

Your URL should end like this:


Same works as:



Here where and when you choose more products (like page 2) filtered by the manufactures it doesnt go to the page 2 of the manufacturers but instead it move to page 2 of all your products:






Any ideas on how to fix this?


If i come up with anything ill be sure to post it here too.

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