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The e-commerce.

nearly there


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Nearly completed my first osc store! Lots of tweakin, getting out of my depth, etc.


I've tried to keep the site as usable and fast as possible... please let me know your thoughts guys and gals...


it's here


I was pretty much a php noob when I started on it a few months back (don't worry - it's not all I've done in that time, just a lot of it) Osc does indeed rock. A lot.

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Awful colour scheme. Sorry I really do not like this site at all, and see no redeeming features.


Ah, I have just one feature I lke very much - the pop-up cart contents box. nice.


Other than that, awful. Sorry.

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glad you like the pop-up cart anyway. Simple enough to do...


I knew I was going out on a limb a bit with the colour scheme. just wanted to try something different. What do thers think about it? It's too late to change it b4 it goes live (tonight!), but if there's enough of a consensus I may do something about it...

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:( what's awful about it?


I know some people don't like dark bg's but could you be more specific?

Dark colours, awful graphics. It looks 1998.


I would not purchase from a site that looked like this as it does not look professional. I would be scared of having my card details stolen/cloned whatever as it looks like a site just chucked up to scam people. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but the Internet is growing up and people are not willing to spend money at sites that don't look like the dogs danglies.


Look at the most successful e-commerce stores - all are clean, functional, great imagery. All look professional enough to make me happy to buy.

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OK. thanks for your input.


It looks 1998

it's retro! Before you know it everyone'll be trying to look 1998...


but seriously, I have taken that on board. I'll look at it again when I get a chance. It may be that I need to review the colour scheme...


but I personally don't really like the look of a lot of e-commerce sites. I hate that Windoze-XP-alike interface that everyone and his dog builds, with little bevels and smilies everywhere. It's about as boring as magnolia paint on the walls and 1990's PC cases. That's what I was trying to get away from...It's possible I went too far, however, and once I haven't been looking at the site morning, noon and night, I'll have a look at it again.


Anyone else care to comment on the colour scheme/graphics?

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well personally speaking here im always favor of light and easy to the eye colors


BUT if this what your customer needed and he likes what the hek he paid for it


but my personal feelings are that softer colors are really better to the eye


but still you should get credit for the customization you made ,from what it seems you must have php knowledge

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thanks. The colour scheme was my choice. Partly to go with the logo, Which I designed. So no-one gets the blame but me ;)


I'm starting to know PHP. It's been a very steep learning curve! And lots of trial and error!


The more I look at it, the more I think I need to tweak the colour schema. Ho hum.

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It's now live, for better or worse. After a long sleepless night of frantically hand-coding a replacement for the admin/orders.php page that stopped working!


I know Burt's opinions. Anyone else care to opine? good or bad - I don't mind, and I'm sure Burt's big enough to have someone disagree with him! (I hope someone does!)

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Yeah for sure! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


Many times I've built what I think are great looking sites and the client has then chopped it about because they are paying the invoice so they are boss.


In fact I'm doing one right now that started off as a very cool, understated site for selling very expensive shoes. Now the client has started to change it about to add in garish colours (lime green on grey anyone ?) and a logo that doesn't match what he wanted in his original request.


But at the end of the day, it does not matter, as the client is the person who pays his money and takes his choice.


When the site is finally up (sometime next week probably), I'll post back with the original design that I made and the updated design that the client likes. It'll show how much two people can differ on what amounts to the same site.

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I recently had to build a bright pink website for a client. every time I tried to bring any tasteful elements in, she'd complain. :rolleyes:


Well. The client is happy with the design of this site. It's my first Osc store, and I'm much more used to designing sites with Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. It's been a steep learning curve, but hopefully the next one'll look much nicer...


And I might throw in a redesign of this one at some point. the only thing is that the BG colour is on all the product images...

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I don't think the color scheme is that bad, but I like darker backgrounds as you can see on my web site.

There are a couple items that could be improved on...


Too much text on the Home page. This is one of my little pet peeves. People will not read that much text on an e-commerce site, unless it's part of a description - even then they usually don't. For me personally, when I go to an e-commerce site and the first thing I see is lots of text - I usually leave right there. Mind you, this may just be me.


Photo on Home page is of poor quality. This is the only image that appears on the home page, and the fact that it is such bad quality will immediately reflect poorly on the company.


Can you include some featured products or product specials on the home page. The home page really lacks anything that would draw customers into the site for a deeper look.


The category images that appear on the Christmas page are very hard to read. The outlined text seems to just recede into their background photos.


The Novelties page is missing it's photo.


On the product detail page (product_info.php), the product photos just sort of float there. Maybe you can put a border around the photo. Also, the lack of product descriptions might give hesitation to potential buyers - after all they don't really know what their getting without even a basic description.


On the product listing page - the use of that other blue contrasts badly with the main blue colors you chose. Why not try leaving all the boxes the same color as the background and using a black line to separate the sections?


Overall, I think the site has potential. With a lot of fine tuning - taking care of the small things - the site could be greatly improved.


Now that I have spent some time looking through it -I actually like the color scheme. It works with what you are selling. I think it is just elements of the design that need to be improved.

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Thanks for spending the time to look into it. And I'm glad someone likes the dark bg.

Very helpful comments too. I feel quite encouraged!


I agree that there is way too much text on the home page. It's what the client asked for, but when I go to see them tomorrow, I'll suggest trimming it drastically. It doesn't even say half of the good stuff they do! I'll also take a fresh photo - that one was only meant to give them an idea of what could go there - I forgot to change it in the chaos before the site went live!


fair comment about the subcat images, although I don't think they're too bad. I'll have a look at my image files and fiddle around a bit...


I think I'll lose the other blue on the product listing too. I agree it's a bad idea. Along with the purple that appears in a couple of places! Maybe I'll put a line between the items. depends...


Don't you like the images floating there? I spent ages getting rid of backgrounds, etc just so they could!


Other stuff - descriptions and stuff is down to extracting the info from the client! There's actually still quite a lot of stuff to go on there - loads more products and sections, etc..


By the time I'm finished, I'm never going to want to see another christmas light! B)

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found 'em. The client hadn't supplied me with images for some items, so I've put a generic-type image in there for them (all in the same category)...


BTW, the client says he loves the colour scheme, and the site design...he was well chuffed :D :D :D

I've decided that after one or two tweaks, I'm happy with it too...not the best site I've ever done, but I'm satisfied I've done a good job (especially considering that the site sells utter tack IMHO. The product images would make the best design ever look cheesy!) :rolleyes:

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I have pop-up blocking on my browser(s), and it doesn't block out that one, because it's the result of a proper link (ie <a href target=....>) type thing, rather than a dodgy javascript opening the window when you didn't ask for it. Even if someone had an extremely stringent pop-up block, presumably all it'd do is open it in the same window?

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