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I am trying to find the TABLE_HEADING_UPCOMING_PRODUCT variable which is set on my site to "Upcoming Products". I merely want to change the text.


I also do not want to display the "Date Expected" column. I think I solve this by editing the upcoming_product.php file and editing out where the column and column header is displayed.


But I can't seem to find TABLE_HEADING_ variables anywhere. I have looked in the usual suspect of \languagues\english.php and throughtout the \english directory and am now scratching my head...


On a side issue does anyone now a decent tool for searching a load of php files at once? I am currently editing the files on my PC (WinXP) using phpEdit v0.7. When using the search tool within XP the success rate for searching within files is very small...


Keep Smiling,


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is in .../Your_Language/index.php

as for the software i really have no clue i use Dreamweaver and it does a good job

for me, but than again there is so many chices out there <_<

The more you do, the more you learn

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