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The e-commerce.

Partial product info in admin


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Hi guys! Cool new look for the forum!


I haven't installed the latest snapshot. I have the Shoppe Enhancement Controller installed on my site for the 2.1 snapshot.


For some reason, I get only some of the fileds for adding product information in admin. I can only add product name, product quantity, product model and some of the free call for price enhancements. There is nothing for product status, manufacturer, meta ttag settings or product images. It is important to me that my website has products!!


I have uploaded a catagories.php that I know works to display everything that is needed in the add product function. This still results in a limited add product page. What on earth could be going on? No relevant fields in the database somehow? This is urgent.






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Problems- there is not SEC for 2.1 (old OSC - "The Exchange Project")


SEC v1 is ONLY for the listed MAY CVS snapshot (which was still OSC ver 2.2)


Not for the current snapshot - and not any of the milestones.


I would suggested getting SEC v2 for MS2 (it includeds all files from OSC)



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Actually I am a numpty. I have installed the Oscommerce 2.2 Milestone1. So. Same question please!


I used the same oscommerce instalation on http://www.cmi-t.com so I know it works! I have a mind to re-instate the database. The database had 3 files to activate in phpAdmin and I was unsure of the order that they went in. I was told in the instrucrtions that there were meant to be 2 files only, yet I have been provided 3. The order in which they go in phpAdmin is important I think, but I am condused!

They were:





That confused me. Maybe my problem has something to to with this.




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