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OSC, Mac, and Dreamweaver


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I've loaded OSC on my MAC. And have nearly completed all the modifications that I want to include before uploading to a host server. Everything seems to work very nicely and I am very impressed with OSC and the Forum-which has helped me a lot.


My question is somewhat specific to Dreamweaver-thats what I've used to make changes to OSC. And I've also created the usual Dreamweaver Site configuration which includes OSC catalog folder and other HTML files.


My question is, will it be a simple Dreamweaver site upload and then make changes to the config.php on the remote host?? Or will I have to do a new install once I select a Host??


I have concerns about the actual "catalog" database as viewed by MYSQL. Is it within the OSC catalog folder? (Backup folder??) Is all data contained within the OSC catalog folder?? These questions my become more clearer once I've selected a host.


Thank YOU in advance for any comments



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No, the database is located in a MySQL folder that holds all the databases.


Generally, when you want to port the store, you backup the database to a file. On the new server, you upload the backup into a database that you created on that server for that purpose.




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Hi Matt


Thank you for your reply. I don't know why I having so much trouble locating my database file or folder.


But in the Admin section of OSC, I did a database backup:




Is this the file that that would be ported to a host??





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The database files for mysql are stored in a subdirectory (/mysql/data on my install) , the subdirectories in the data directory are named the same as your database. I have not done a backup with the OScommerce admin tool but given the fact that the file has a .sql extenstion I would suspect that the data format is the needed SQL commands to recreate the database if you needed to restore (or create a new database on a new host). This should be a normal text file that you can look at and see the SQL commands to create the tables and insert the data, to load the data in a database use "mysql {database name to load} <text-file-of-sql-commands . For example "mysql storedb <storedb.sql" ...

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