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USPS Module


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Ok after searching the forums for a few dozen days and reading all kinds of posts for troubles with the USPS module not working I give up? if anyone has a list of things to try can they post it here? things I have done



Tried editing the code and putting in



tried putting in IP address


I even tried downloading the USPS contrib but that didn't work. It actually broke my store because I'm running v 2.2 MS1 and it's for MS2. Is there a earlier version tat is "zipped" instead of tar.gz on the site ??



So I called USPS and made sure that I was switched to the production server (test won't even work) and my user name and password where correct. The ICCC went into the connection logs and didn't see my server trying to connect ?? (I have a static IP also with my store for SSL) well that's what I was told any way, she didn't even ask me for my IP or anything so I assumed she looked for my domain name from her ecords. I then ask if they had any kind of php file that I can run on my server to test the connection or even get rates and she said no ?? so does anyone out there have any kind of testing file ?? so if that file works then I know it's something with OSCommerce ?? or if it does not then I know it's my ISP ??

It's tough to trouble shoot when you don't have a code or anything to work with ??



So what's my next step ?? upgrade to MS2 ?? is it easy ?? is there a script I run and bang it's upgraded to MS2 ?? will it effect my few other contribs I have loaded ?



Thanks guys


sorry to bother you.


my version is 2.2 MS1

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Same problem here. I loaded the module several months ago (and I think I tested it at the time). When I finally flipped the switch yesterday -- nuthin'. I also called USPS and got the same story. This is surprising considering how wide a problem I would think this would be. I really need to get this up to take orders from APOs and foreign countries. :huh:

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