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Setting up Zones - Please help


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I am trying to set up shipping rates based on weight with 2 prices per item, 1 for UK, 1 for the Rest of the World. Sounds fairly straightforward!


My problem sounds so simple that most of you will laugh at me , but I can take it!! <_<


How do I set up 2 zones?


I edited zones.php so that it says $this->num_zones = 2; and saved it.

I went to Modules>Shipping>Zone Rates, made sure it was enabled, but I only get the option of Zone 1, which is set to UK.

Zone 1 shipping table says 1:3,2:5 (weight 1 - ?3.50, weight 2 - ?5)

Zone 1 handling fee is set to 0.

I have a bunch of empty boxes under that.



1 - Could it be the Sort Order? At the moment, Flat Rate Table Rate, Per Item Rate and Zone Rate are all set to Sort Order=0.


2 - In My Store>Configuration>Zone, the drop-down box under "The Zone My Store is Located In" is empty, no zones in there at all.


3 - It's probably something REALLY simple that I haven't done, but with the info above, can someone PLEASE tell me where I've gone wrong?


I just want 2 zones, is all :unsure:

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Hey there


I am not quite sure what you are trying to do.


For a start off you have mistakehere:


Zone 1 shipping table says 1:3,2:5 (weight 1 - ?3.50, weight 2 - ?5)


To get your weight 1 to be ?3.50, it would have to be 1:3.5,


Secondly the 1 or 2 is the actual weight of the item, in whichever unit you wish to use. I have done mine in grams, so my UK shipping table looks like this:






So, in the first one, 60g is the weight and 0.28 is the price.


This thread might help:



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thanks Julie.


It's not actually the shipping rates thats my problem ( I realised the mistake after I'd posted...). It's much easier than that.


I can only seem to get 1 zone, but I need 2! How do I get the second zone to show up, to allow me to put in the coutries codes and shipping rates for it?





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Um - pass. All I did was change


$this->num_zones = 1;





$this->num_zones = 4;



and everything was fine.


Where you say you've got a "bunch of empty boxes", is that all they are? Just boxes with no text above them. It should say:


Zone 2 Countries

Comma separated list of two character ISO country codes that are part of Zone 2.




Zone 2 Shipping Table

Shipping rates to Zone 2 destinations based on a group of maximum order weights. Example: 3:8.50,7:10.50,... Weights less than or equal to 3 would cost 8.50 for Zone 2 destinations.




Zone 2 Handling Fee

Handling Fee for this shipping zone




Have you tried putting your zone info eg weights, countries etc in the boxes anyway and see what happens?


Note - you won't be able to fit all the codes from all the countries in the world, the field will only take so many characters.

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Just tried that - no joy :(


I have $this->num_zones = 2; and I have 3 empty boxes, so based on your last post, I thought they must be Countries in Zone 2, Shipping Table and Handling fee. So I filled in the appropriate details, and pressed Update. It simply re-loaded that page, and the boxes were empty again...


I feel there is a setting somewhere else that's screwing this up for me. Any ideas?




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Um - fraid I'm gonna have to defer to the experts on this one - I never had any problems so I haven't the foggiest. If it was only that the text wasn't showing but the fields were actually functioning OK, then I would say it was a problem with the languages file. But as the fields aren't functioning either, then it may be a database problem.


But I don't know what or how to fix it. It might not be that at all, I am just guessing.


Anyone else got any ideas.


Which version are you on BTW?

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I'm using 2.2ms2.


I've really messed up now! I thought I'd try the answer to everything else to do with Windoze - uninstall/reinstall.




I clicked the REMOVE button, and now it won't let me INSTALL it again!


Did you ever have one of those days???!?!? :wacko:







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Quick update


Wihtout any interventio from me whatsoever, the empty drop-down box (to indicate which zone my store is in) is no longer empty!


I didn't touch it!


*think I've had too many wine gums...* :blink:


Now if I can just re-install the zone payment system....

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Quick update #2...


Got it working :)


My partner (who does all the database work) discovered that one of the scripts had been corrupted on upload, so a quick re-upoad, and viola!


Though what a big violin has to do with it is anyone's guess... ;)





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