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Confirmation Mail


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I have a question.


When a customer place an order oscommerce send a confirmation mail.

So far so good, but this mail doesn't contain any "comments" which are placed by

the customer.


What I see is that a digit is send. This digit is from the payment option which

is choosen.


What is wrong in the checkout_process.php file?

Where are the comments saved in the DB?



Who is able to help me or goude me in the correct direction to solve this problem.


Many thanks


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The code is in /catalog/checkout_process.php you have to add

if ($order->info['comments']) {

$email_order .= $order->info['comments'] . "\n\n";


i found this in


if you look carefully you see it

but i can't get it to work in paypal ipn

i will keep on looking for that

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I am also having the same problem it is not storing the comment in the history table when the customer orders and adds the comment but in the admin area if you change the status it will store the correct comment.


If anyone can help with this it would be a big help.

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i have the same problem as gixmo-xl. the comments made by the user will NOT post to the DB but the admin can post comments. the comments turn into a 0 "zero" in the comment field when you look them up in the admin panel, and they dont send in the confirmation emails after a sale.

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Ok I have found the problem with my comments not working... It was caused by the polls infobox addon. it has $comments as a var in it that causes a conflict just change the var name to $commentsx in the polls.php and it will fix the problem.

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OMG i NEVER would have found that!!! THANK YOU thank you thank you, ssooooooo much!!! i changed that and it worked like a charm. i was about ready to do a fresh install and that still wouldnt have helped since i would have put the polls box back in too :)

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