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After a seamless install ... I was checking out the features. When I realised that I can not check out of my store.




I should have a continue button and a navbar at the bottom of the page.

I took a quick look at the code, there is a place where a jave script looks like it is commented out ..... but I'm more of a perl guy than php .... so I thought that it may be wise to seek the advise of a more learned guide.


any one ?


hint please...... ?

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go to admin



check if the chosen shipping modules are limited to be valid only in a special tax_zone (wich you must have defined under admin -> taxes/countries -> tax_zones)

if your shipping destination is not within one of those valid zones there is no possible shipping method found hence there is no way to continue if its a shippable good in your cart.




sometimes I change code before reading the comments, sometimes code doesn't even have comments, sometimes I rechange code after I read the code others wrote :-)

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well I must say that was an interesting exercise ...

after fiddling about for a while , I managed to add zone rate shipping to the already available flat rate shipping that is evidently the default,... I added a zone etc...

I have managed to go back to simply flate rate now ...

o .. and I did manage to eliminate all shipping options at one point and the box that says "shipping metods" did disapear.

At no time did the nave bar or the countinue check out button apear.


All file are 755 just in case ..

I did find a read me file in the ..includes/local dir that said that a copy of the

configure.php file should also reside in that dir .. so I put a copy of it in there 755 ... no effect

thank for the suggestion ... any more ideas?


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Im bumping my question agin ....where is that bear guy .. he seems to have ahandle on this stuff?

I have been pouring over the forums ... it's not like I'm not trying ...

look at the time stamps on my posts.


come on guys, give me a hint


pretty please

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1st ... let me apoligise for violating the rules of the board. At the time I came around here there was evidentaly some trouble with the data base and I did not read the rules. :blink:


Other forums that I participate in have no problem with bumping threads .... it's common.


2nd .... I have noticed ... and perhaps I'm wrong ... that issues sometimes come up .. but are never closed out at the end of a thread. More discriptive subject titles would help in searching.


3erd .... the resolution to my quandry.


I obtained the daily snapshot and applied it to my installation.

So far everything is perfect.


...disclaimer ....


Daily snapshot releases are are taken from the CVS development repository which include the latest changes made to the projects codebase. The changes made are for the next project release.


As the changes can be made on a daily basis, the stability of the codebase may become problematic on certain daily snapshot releases.

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