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The e-commerce.

Multiple Stores within the cart


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I am looking for a product with the ability to support multiple online stores within the one cart.


Essentially a customer will have to choose the store that they wish to purchase from and the cart will then only display items available for that store.


Is this possible with osCommerce?



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Yes, it is possible. One way you could do this is to add a static front page with the store list and setup the stores as osCommerce top-level categories. When someone picks a store, it calls osCommerce with that category. Might require some recoding for things like the breadcrumb trail and categories box so that they don't display the other links. You would also have to check for SQL queries that do not take the category path into account, as well as advanced search, etc.


Short answer: yes, but you would have to change quite a bit of coding to do it right.




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I think there is a MOD for just this - Was done recently...




Multiple "Mini-Stores" with 1 Admin


This contribution allows you to set up multiple 'mini-store' sites in addition to your

main store website, all using one admin. The basic idea is that your main store still

will show all of your categories and products. Each mini-store will only include the

categories you have defined as belonging to that store. Theoretically you can have the same category exist in multiple stores but I have not tried that yet.


(No point in doing things twice...)

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