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Multiple shipping rates - not weight-based


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I am fairly new to oscommerce, and am very impressed with it. I have a problem , however, and I apologise if it has been asked and answered. If it has, I couldn't find it, and a link would be appreciated!!!


I need to set 2 shipping rates per item, 1 for the UK, and 1 for the rest of the world. I know I could do this with zones, but they seem to be weight based. I need to be able to set a different pair of rates for each item in the database, irrespective of weight.


ie - item 1 - ?5 to UK, ?7.50 to Rest of the World

item 2 (same weight) - ?10 to UK, ?15 to Rest of the World


(hpoe that makes sense!)


Also, is there an option to ship "at cost"?


Thanks in advance



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use two zones and just put 1 (1st item) or 2 (2d item) in the weight field of item details

then configure the zone scripts like this (zoneworld) :


if ($i == 1) {

$default_countries = 'UK';

$shipping_table = '1:5,2:7.50';


if ($i == 2) {

$default_countries = 'All Others';

$shipping_table = '1:10,2:15';




or via the panel :



Zone 1 Countries



Zone 1 Shipping Table




Zone 2 Countries

All Others


Zone 2 Shipping Table


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OK I'm going to sound really stupid now.


How do I get 2 zones?


I changed the setting in zones.php to 2, but I'm still only getting 1 showing up in the shipping module. I also get an empty drop-down box in My Store under "which Zone is your store in". Is that significant??


toutouyoutou's suggestion will work, if I can just get a second Zone set up. (Do I really have to enter EVERY other country in the world for "Rest Of the World"?)



Again, TIA



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OK, I now have the zones set up correctly and everything in that department is fine!!! :)


Next problem is this - I have set Zone 1 to GB, and Zones 2,3 and 4 to every other country (needed three to fit them all in!), each wth the same shipping prices. Only other shipping method is Table Rate, with weight as the unit. With me so far?


Now, when I place a test order from an account in the UK, it gives me the correct price (?3.50). When I create an account from (say) France, and place an order from there, it gives me the same price, instead of the zone 2 price for the same weight (?6).


I think it is taking the price from the TABLE RATE shipping costs table, but if I turn that off, all shipping becomes free!! So zones is obviously not setting the price.


Any idea how to fix this one?



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