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Multiple part numbers / prices with 1 description?


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I'm trying to configure a catalog site that uses entries such as the following:



category: WIDGETS


product: Gadget


Description: These widgets are made in the USA. Set includes both pieces. Can be easily installed:


Model Number: W-12345-A 1970-1971 $100.00 Set

Model Number: W-12345-B 1972-1973 $110.00 Set




As you can see I need to have a single description but be able to have separate model numbers based on the year that the "widget" was made for. The models may also have different prices. I realize that I could just duplicate the description for each model, but then the online catalog wouldn't match the printed catalog that the company just put out. Should I set it up with subcategories? For example:



Category WIDGETS

Subcategory: 1970-1971

Product: Gadget

Description: blah blah blah

Model Number: W-12345-A $100.00 Set


Subcategory: 1972-1973

Product: Gadget

Description: blah blah blah

Model Number: W-12345-B $110.00 Set



The problem with doing it this way is that some parts aren't broken down by year, but are broken down as either "Standard" or "Deluxe".


Another way to fix this is if the categories and subcategories could have descriptions. Then I could put the description as the subcategory level. And just list the item name, model number and price at the product level.



Any suggestions on how to handle this?




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