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Eway- Show returned XML


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I have set up the eway module and I am testing it using their test address. When I make a successful order and check the Order in the Admin page it only shows the EWay PAyment methed and EWay transaction number.

How do I get the Transaction reference, Auth code, status etc to display? Or am I only getting this restirted info because I am on the test address.

Can someone using Eway let me know what they see from a successful transaction.



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From what i can see the information isnt passed back that way to osCommerce. I would assume you woule need to login to whatever system eway provides for its merchants.


Im doing a bit of a refresh of the current code to add a few functions and features and will contribute it in a day or two.

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Hi Ian, I've been using eWay with osCommerce for quite a while now, I'm not sure why you need the extra info to show up in osCommerce? If it's just for checking purposes while you are testing it's best just to use the test_epayment.php page from eWay (but you may need to modify it slightly as it was out of date last time I looked at it).


I have never had a need to look at the info you mention but I know it is available if I log onto my eWay account at their site and check it.


You could show it in admin if you added a couple of extra tables in the database and added code to the orders.php page.


Cheers mate.

osCommerce user since 2003! :thumbsup:

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