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css goes wierd in ssl


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When my site goes into ssl, the css seems to change! visited links in the categories box go a horrible brown! Which is invisible-ish against the dark background my shop has.


when it's in ssl, the address changes to make use of an ssl cert installed on the root domain, but I don't understand how this would affect the css....


If you want to check it out it's here


note: it's not finished yet! and don't worry about going through to buying stuff - I won't bill you, and you won't get it!

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cool. thanks - maybe it's my browser (Safari). didn't think of that! I'm tired - that's my excuse!

Safari's great, but it does tend to cache rather overenthusiastically - could be caching an old version of the css???

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nope. just looked at it in netscape too, and it does the same. as soon as I get to the login page, when it goes over to ssl, all visited links go a sludgy dark grey, which afaik isn't anywhere in the css!



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