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The e-commerce.

I need some real help with prices.

Yaa 101

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First of all, i have no problem with PHP, so i will understand any tips in PHP.


I have a problem...


I defined 2 tax values a high VAT and a LOW vat

When i add products in the catalog there are 2 pricefields to fill in.

A net and a gross price...


Sofar so good.


When i put a price of 10 euro in the top textbox (net)

then the program calculates the tax percentage and adds it to the 10 euro price

then it shows it in the lower textbox (gross) 11.90


When i put 10 euro in the lower textbox (gross)

then the program calculates the tax and subtracts it from the 10 euro price

then it shows it in the upper textbox (net)


Seeing this mechanism one would say the first of the 2 is the right way.

This is also confirmed by the checkout where all (net) prices are added and then taxed with the VAT value.


Then why in the world does the program show the NOT VAT added price throughout the program and not the VAT added one? in my country it is forbidden to give consumers (non business clients) a nonVAT added price.


Can somebody explane me the true mechanism in osC of this?

Can somebody tell me where to begin in changing the NOT VAT added into VAT added price in product listings?



I tried to begin myself as i thought, i only have to add the tax then all is ok, but nothing is less true because:

I have seen in the PHP that that NOT VAT added price is a result of a TAX calculation: i.e.:


$currencies->display_price($products_options['options_values_price'], tep_get_tax_rate($product_info['products_tax_class_id']))


This tells me that the price in product listings should be a VAT added price instead of a NOT VAT added price...


Am i crazy? Am i missing something?

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Found it...


My shop needed to be in a tax zone itself: configuration->my store->zone

And display prices with taxes needed to be on: configuration->my store->display prices with tax

And i had to set the decimal place of taxes (2): configuration->my store->tax decimal places


Now it works both when logged in or not...


Also i found a nice hack that has to do with this indirectly:




I hope this helps other people.

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Hi Yah 101,


I think I have a similar issue. Perhaps you could help.


Currently, my Oscommerce only handles vat/tax correctly when I enter the product price in admin as net value (excluding tax).

(netprice + tax=grossprice)


But to make live simpler, and to save me extraction vat using a pocket calculator, I'd like to enter the gross price in admin and have osCommerce do the rest.

(i.E. from Grossprice calculate netprice, then add tax again and and create invoice total. Or use the grossprice, calculate the VAT portion, and display the Gross as total).

Do you know how and where to achieve this?

Thanks for your help already.



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