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The e-commerce.

Please Help!! Panic!!!


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Hi Guys:


I've changed my webserver, and I was doing all the checks in order to get all things straight, but, when I thought I was done, my shop doesn't show up! The only boxes are the left ones, and not all of them, but the main page is missing (blank) and right side too.

I've checked the configuration.php file several times, but still no can do. Please help this newbie!!!


Thanks in advance!

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did you do a bata base back up ?

if not use phpmyadmin to make one.


upload all yer files --make sure it IS all of em. Upload the install dir.

chmod yer config files 777

then make like you are doing a new install.

when yer done admin->backup->restore yer db backup.


fast simple and usually very clean

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new webhost probley somtin messed up wit my sql try a diff database in my sql, if that dont work, call ur webhost and ask them for a new server/techincal support on the issue. To my knowledge it dont sound like u did anything its probley a bad my sql install




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