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Changing Shipping Rates on Old TEP (PR 2.0)


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We have an old version (TEP Preview Release 2.0) and there is no mention of shipping rates in the admin. No modules exist either and it currently calls an outdated UPS.PHP script for shipping rates. Would like to change this to simple CSV's with weight based shipping rates for different countries.


Any pointers on where I can find some documentation for this? Any help is greatly appreciated. Updating to newer version is not an option since this was extensively customized. Programmer who did this for us 3 years ago is no longer available.



In checkout_confirmation.php

    $rate = new Ups;
    $rate->upsProduct($HTTP_POST_VARS['prod']);    // See upsProduct() function for codes
    // $rate->upsProduct(UPS_SPEED);    // See upsProduct() function for codes
    $rate->origin(UPS_ORIGIN_ZIP, "US"); // Use ISO country codes!
    $rate->dest($address_values['postcode'], "US");      // Use ISO country codes!
    // $rate->dest($address_values['postcode'], $address_values['country']);      // Use ISO country codes!
    $rate->rate(UPS_PICKUP);        // See the rate() function for codes
    $rate->container(UPS_PACKAGE);    // See the container() function for codes
    $rate->rescom(UPS_RES);    // See the rescom() function for codes
    $shipping_cost = $rate->getQuote();
    $shipping_method = "UPS " . $prod;


Uses UPS.PHP (code left out to keep brief - Version: 0.06 (29 November, 1999) UPS Shipping calculator. Do not need it anymore and want to replace with whatever default method was.


Thanks in advance

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