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Search Engine Safe URLS

Kaiser Soze

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Are there any known problems with the search engine safe URLs switch? In the admin section it says "Under development". I assume there are known problems with this feature, but I don't know where to look to find out what they are. Can someone please help me?


Thanks in advance.

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for heaven's sake do not use the feature for handling SEFU (se friendly url's) feature from admin. It doesn't help all the way.


I myself paid someone USD 85 to get this done well and good. There's no one single trick available to do it.




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So far I've read more or less -- "don't use SFURL's" and "I've used them & had no problems". Ok. But I still don't know what the problem is.


Is it a problem with OSC? Is it a problem with SFURL's in general? Is it that some search engines don't like them???? I.e., they're really not friendly?


If it is a problem with OSC, is there any reason I shouldn't use mod_rewrite to correct the problem -- and I'm pretty sure I can. Of course if SFURL's themselves are a problem then I won't put in the effort.


I need some enlightenment about the nature of the problem, I might be able to fix it if I understood what the problem was.

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